ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Tigers are very essential animal in India and people are mad for seeing the tigers. There are very rare places where you can have the luck to have the look at the tigers. One of the places is Ranthambore National park. It is also known as the Ranthambore tiger reserve. It is located at Sawai madhopur district of the state Rajasthan. It is considered as one of the best place to view the animals and is located in the junction of Vindhya hill and Aravalli hill. In 1957, the Ranthambore national park was declared as wild life sanctuary. The park got its status as National park in 1981 and it also gained the protection of Project Tiger. Tiger are getting extinct and the reserve is trying to maintain the quantity of tigers and save them from getting extinct. The park is spread in a huge area of 400 sq. km. The structure in the national park reminds you of the older periods. The park is the perfect place for the forest inhabitants. It contains various water bodies which are needed by the animals and it is the biggest relief in the summer season. In many of the parks there is problem of water but this park is full of the water bodies. There is a huge fort on the top of the hill and the park is named after the fort. The park is unique as it is not only a forest but it is the combination of animals, nature and history and thus it reminds of the older times. The park gives a unique and mixed flavor.

Ranthambore Online Safari Booking

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Ranthambore Safari Booking

Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is one of the largest and most famous tiger reserve of India. It is situated in Sawai Madhopur district in the state ofRajasthan, about 180 km from Jaipur, which is also the nearest airport. The nearest town and railway station are at Sawai Madhopur, about 11 km away Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. One can enjoy the beauty of ranthambore by taking morning or evening safari but remember, Safari Timings when going to visit Ranthambore Tiger Reserve for game drives and tiger safari. Ranthambore  is famous for its tigers and is one of the best places in India to see the tigers in the jungle. You can easily spot the tigers at ranthambore,A good time for tiger sighting and Game Drives in Ranthambore and to visit the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is in November to May when the scenario of jungle also helps to see the tigers.

Ranthambore Safari Booking

Canter-21 Seater open mini bus.

Gypsy-6 seater open Jeep.

Canter Safari in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve��Canter safari is the most supreme style to watch the exotic wildlife. Most of the wildlife lovers prefer to go on Canter safari. At a time Canter safari can accommodate 20 people. It gives personal delight of sightseeing and unique experience of exploring magnificent vicinity of the park. The safari can be enjoyed in two different times-either early in the morning or in the late afternoon with naturalist.

Jeep Safari in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve��Jeep Safari in Ranthambore is one of the most popular options to spot animal movement and admire beautiful landscape of the park. Jeeps are open topped vehicle which can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. You can enjoy the personalized and enriched experience of jeep safari in Ranthambore either in the morning or in the afternoon with naturalist.

There are 10 Safari Zones for Safari at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve if you made your reservation 365 days before the day of your visist then you can choose the Zone of your choice.after that you have to go on the available Zone.

Zone 01:Singhdwar Raipur, Amreshwar Dang, Tuti ka Nalla, Sultanpur, Gada Dub, Peela Pani, exit from Singhdwar

Zone 02:Jogi Mahal, Jhalra, Kamaldhar, Amrai Phoota Bandha, Pandudeh, Guda, Gandharia, Polkya, exit from Jogi Mahal

Zone 03:Jogi Mahal, Padam Talab, Raj Bagh, Mandook, High Point, exit from Jogi Mahal

Zone 04:Singhdwar, Tamakhan, Malik Talab, Lakarda, Berda, Semli, Adidaant, Lambi, exit from Singhdwar

Zone 05:Singhdwar, Jokha, Kachida, Dhakda, Baghda, Bakola, Anatpura, exit from Singhdwar

Zone 06:�(Kundal):Rajbagh Naka, Palli Darwaza, Kundal Area, Patwa Baori, Sonkach, Kala Pani, exit from Rajbagh Naka

Zone 07:(Chidikho):Rajbagh Naka, Chidikho, Jamoda, Kushalipura, exit from Rajbagh Naka

Zone 08:(Balas):Balas, Neemli Dang, Kali Bhat, Kherai, Mahakho, exit from Balas

Zone 09:(Kuwalji) Approx 45 kms

Zone 10:Kushalipura , Bodal , Halonda ,Banskhori , Aantri , exit from Devpura

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ranthambore tiger reserve