ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve
ranthambore tiger reserve

Do and Donts in Ranthambore National Park


• Abide by the policy and guiding principle of the Ranthambore Reserve and demonstrate respect for the people.

• Follow the directions given by jungle authority.

• Keep up quiet inside the Reserve. Go around the Reserve gradually & carefully.

• Wear sober garments with environment -pleasant colours. Prefer from shades of brown or green colours. Mammals might get scared when they see intense colours since they are not use to them.

• Maintain a secure distance from the mammals and vehicles, reserve vehicles only in parking area and path layoffs.

• Take care of your kids.

• Keep outside influence, as far as probable, outside the reserve. Transistors, Music Tape, Radio, Recorders, blowing the car horn and loud conversation are prohibited in a Tiger reserve. You will observe more natural world if you are silence.


• Smoking, Walking, Swimming or Angling, Picnic, light a bonfire nor cook, Garbage, overtake, honk inside the Tiger Reserve.

• Play song or make sound, Tease Wilder Animals.

• ourish any wilder animals they have abundance of natural food in the jungle and do not require any rubbish food. By feeding them, you are changing their behavior.

• lastic and synthetic bags, tetra packs and other such resources. They not only spoil the attractiveness of the Tiger, but also may impairment the flora and fauna.

• Stand up when you are near to Royal Bengal Tigers - a huge animal might see it as a danger and may be provoked to strike reverse.

• Dress in perfume or any other strong smell substance. The animals and mammals are sensitive to smell and it may arouse their inquisitiveness. Animals are usually shy and tend to conceal when they see a human.

• Use camera blaze and flash of spotlight, Carry arms, take pets inside the Reserve, explosive not poisonous chemicals.

• Over velocity, Get off the vehicle, diverge from the selected route.

• Go away the tiger reserve paths and drive cross-country, except at particular places, crowd more than two vehicles at a spot.

• Extend beyond the schedule timings, go into without proper tickets, encourage your driver to stay parked at one place.

• Enter before sunrise or after sunset, the complete reserve is exotic and Bengal Tigers are found all over the reserve.